Filta Fry Keys to Success

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

As a new or potential FiltaFry franchisee, you indubitably have some high hopes for your new franchise. Hopefully you've already taken the time to map out some concrete long-term goals and set upon some intermediary steps to work towards meeting those. What can you, as a business owner, do to ensure that you meet your aspirations?

Focus on Sales

You worked together with your Business Development Manager, during your training to build a preliminary customer base to get your FiltaFry business started on the right track. Your BDM can and should help you learn the skills and techniques necessary to continue to grow your roster of repeat businesses, and is there to offer guidance and support even after the initial development stage is completed. Nevertheless, it is up to you to devote the time to selling your service in your territory.

Calling on new potential customers can be a bit frightening, especially at first. It is beneficial to find ways to put aside your fears and get excited about your business. Make it an objective to continuously improve your pitch and set yourself goals for the number of new accounts you would like to see each month.

Be Your Best Employee

You've gone into business to be your own boss, but the flip side of that is that you are also your number one (and possibly only) employee. The ultimate limit of how far your FiltaFry franchise can go depends on you. It's up to you whether you want to do 5 calls in a day or 8. Nobody but you can push you to reach your full potential. Likewise, it is you who profits from being willing to push yourself and your limits to maximize the earning potential of your business.

As with marketing, make clear goals. Decide how many service calls you'd like to see yourself do each day, and push yourself to raise that bar. Your diligence and strong ethic will show as a return on your investment, a thriving business, and an ever broadening base of satisfied customers. Keep an eye on your long-term goals. The more time and effort you are willing to put into being that "one man in a van" the closer you will be to being that "one man who owns a lot of vans" with a fleet of techs working under you making you money.

Be Flexible

Adaptability is crucial in any business. FiltaFry is no exception to this rule. As you look for ways to improve your marketing techniques and streamline your daily operations, you may find that some strategies that worked well in the past are no longer as effective. Don't be afraid to be inventive. Endeavor to grow with your customers and find new ways of conducting business and developing your FiltaFry franchise.
Keep your sort-term objectives flexible as you push to meet you more solid long-term goals. Your FiltaFry franchise is your ticket to success, but it is up to you to make the best use of it.


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